One-to-One Coaching for Wellness

One-to-One Coaching for Wellness

Master Your Own Health

CONGRATULATIONS – you are here because you are ready to break the fatigue cycle and master your health!

Does this sound familiar…

I’d love to, but I’m just too tired

There’s always so much to do, it’s exhausting

I need a break

I want to feel like my old self

If you were nodding your head at any point, it could be that you are in the grips of a fatigue cycle.

I know you feel out of control right now, but please know that this is something that you can move past and get back to the happy, healthy woman you always were.

After this XX one-to-one coaching programme you will…

Understand the underlying factors causing your symptoms

Be on a holistic treatment plan to address the underlying factors

Feel in control of you mind, body and health

Have more energy, focus and confidence

Sounds great right!  That’s because it is, and it is possible for you.

Over XXX, my Master Your Health one-to-one coaching programme will lead you through…

Self-talk and motivation


Digestive Health


Self sabotage

Working with your cycle

Why trust me to help you break free of the cycle?

I’m Kells, a passionate wellness coach specialising in hormonal health, advanced nutrition, and woman wellness.

What’s brought me here is a very long battle with my own physical and mental health that ultimately lead to a mental and physical breakdown that could have been prevented.

After years of struggles, which includes a painful Endometriosis diagnosis, inferfility and crippling anxiety, the road back to health hasn’t been easy, but I recognise and understand the habits that were keeping me in the negative relationship with myself.

My healing journey has seen qualify as a Health Coach and gain my ILM level 5 certificate in Coaching and Mentoring. Because of my own journey, I’ve also gone on to study hormone health, advanced nutrition, and women wellness in general.

My journey has taught me that fatigue doesn’t need to be the norm, busy should never come at the expense of our health, and we don’t have to remain in the fatigue cycle to be successful.

I’m passionate about supporting women break the fatigue cycle, allowing them to step away from exhaustion, feel healthier, happier, more energized, and confident within their busy lives.

To hear my full story click here.

If what I’m saying resonates with you, I’d love to chat about what you’ve been experiencing and discover if I’m the wellness coach who can help you break the fatigue cycle for good. 

During our call, we’ll talk through your symptoms and start to identify some of the underlying factors, and you can decide if you’d like me to support you on your journey back to heath.

Let’s get started!

With love,

Kelly xxx


Click the link below to complete the application form and book in a call.

We’ll chat through where you are now and where you want to get to.

We’ll get to know each other so you can decide if I’m the wellness coach to help you master your health.


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