Let me tell you a story about a woman I once knew

She was a successful senior manager. On the outside her life looked fantastic, with a great career, busy social life, lovely holidays each year etc. On the inside however it was a different story.

She felt at total odds with her body, exhausted, hormonal and anxious that she was falling behind at work thanks to constant brain fog.

She had turned to sugar snacking and coffee overload to help get her through her day. At night she had trouble sleeping because she just couldn't switch off, found it hard to drift off and then once asleep to stay asleep. This pattern meant she was waking the next morning feeling worst.

She had found herself trapped in a stress cycle and just couldn't find a way out. She knew that if something didn't change she'd be in danger of burning out.

Well let me let you into a little secret – How do I know her???

How - because I was her and unfortunately I did burn out - Why because I didn't listen to what my body and mind were telling me.

Want to know more about me then check out my story.......

Positively it doesn’t have to be this way

I've certainly learnt a thing or two from my experience and now support other professional women who find themselves in the same boat.

Want to learn how to break the stress cycle?

Well I have designed a online course to support you in doing just that……..

Imagine if you will

Feeling healthier, happier, more confident and energised. Imagine saying goodbye to exhaustion and hello to yourself again, cracking on and being your successful self without feeling at odds with your body.
What will it feel like to wake up of a morning with a spring in your step, rather than hitting that snooze button 100 times or worrying about how you are going to get through your busy day because you feel so frazzled!!!!!

As I see it our success should not come at the expense of our health and wellbeing, because without the latter what have we got?

Are you ready to break the stress cycle?

If you were nodding your head than I have an online learning group course that can support you in doing just that.

It's a 6 week online learning group course that you can either come in live for or catch up on in your own time. I've designed it this way so not to add an extra stress to your already busy life.

The course will lead you through..

- Self-talk and motivation
- Stress Management
- Eating to beat fatigue
- Sleep
- Gut and brain link
- How to work with your hormones
- Recognising self sabotage

All from the comfort of your own home. Ultimately I have designed the course to help you holistically identify and treat factors that may be keeping you exhausted and not feeling your super self.

Course launching soon

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