Hi I’m Kelly, The Self-Kindness Coach and I specialise in supporting and empowering women to be their own health and wellness advocates. I support businesses to deliver women’s health and wellness programmes that work, through consultancy, coaching and online resources. Likewise, I also offers individual coaching and online resources that promote and educate on women’s health. 


Picture showing Kelly Swaby The Self-Kindness Coach

My Story


What’s brought me here is a very long battle with my own physical and mental health –  and I’d like to share my story with you…

I’ve always been driven to succeed.  

In my career, the only way I knew to achieve that success was to push myself, work hard, never show any weakness, and never let my foot off the pedal.

I associated being busy with status and importance – if I was so busy surely that meant I was a success!

Things seemed to be going well, but just before I turned 30, life threw me a painful curveball in the shape of Endometriosis.

I knew things weren’t right leading up to my diagnosis – I felt unwell all the time and the doctors had been putting it down to work-related stress.

Having that label ‘Stress’ made me feel like a complete failure, which made me feel even more unwell and anxious.

I felt like I was losing control.

After my diagnosis I didn’t even pause for breath – I launched straight back into work, didn’t reach out for any support, which resulted in me feeling increasingly exhausted, anxious and unwell.  

Gradually my periods became excruciating, leaving me bedridden at that time of the month. 

Ignoring the warning signs was a terrible mistake, and by the end of 2015 anxiety had started to follow me around like a shadow.   


 I hated everything.  

I hated my body and the pain it was putting me through. I hated the fact that I felt exhausted all the time. I hated seeing the scars three operations had left me. I hated the fact that I could not hold onto a pregnancy (at this point I had endured three miscarriages). I just could not function right, which left me feeling extremely frustrated.

No longer was I the confident woman who knew what she wanted from life and was determined to get it. In her place was someone who felt anxious about everything and felt I just wasn’t good enough. 

I felt like a complete failure and would tell myself this daily.

Eventually, my body could take no more, with frequent and excruciating endometriosis flare-ups, crippling insomnia, terrifying panic attacks, and overwhelming anxiety, I thought I was losing my mind. 

I hit rock bottom.

The road back to health has not been easy, but I now recognise and understand the habits that were keeping me in a negative relationship with myself. 

Learning to embrace my menstrual cycle, and putting both my physical and mental health first, has been a catalyst in my recovery, allowing me to create healthy lifestyle habits that work for me in my life. I’ve learnt that Self-kindness is key.

My healing journey has seen me qualify as a Health and Life Coach, gain my ILM level 5 certificate in Coaching and Mentoring and complete a Hormone Specialist certificate. Most recently I became a Happiness Trainer Facilitator and I continue to to invest in my education when it comes to women’s health and the power of healing.

As women our menstrual cycle and hormonal health play an integral role in our health and wellbeing, so why should we not utilise this power. Likewise, whether we can, can’t or choose not to have children does not define us as women.

My journey has taught me that struggling with your menstrual and hormonal health does not need to be the norm, being busy does not equal success and showing yourself some kindness is not selfish. None of us can pour from an empty cup.

I love what I do because I get to support businesses grow their well-being offerings, which in turn helps their people/clients flourish. Likewise, I also get to write and build resources that ensure women feel supported and understood when it comes to their health.


 My Approach

As a coach, I take a balanced and integrative approach to help you as my client feel like yourself again.

Together we look at the lifestyle habits and beliefs that may be keeping you stuck, and I support you in creating new habits that will enable you to thrive.

Ultimately, I’m here to help you to be kinder to yourself, to embrace your hormonal and menstrual health and design a self-care plan that feels right for you. 

If you would like to know more about how I can support you with your health and happiness then you can book in for a chat using the link below:


Featured Publications

Women’s Health E book

  • Our Hormones – Hormonal Symphony

Qualifications, Experience and Membership

    • BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science
    • 10 years of coaching experience within Higher Education before starting my own business
    • Certified Health Coach via the Health Coach Institute – Read Scope of Practice
    • Certified Life Coach via the Health Coach Institute
    • ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring
    • Certified Hormone Specialist Certificate via The Institute of Transformational Nutrition
    • Member of the UK Health Coaching Association
    • Happiness Trainer Facilitator via The Museum of Happiness
    • Currently studying 3rd Age Woman – Menopause Transition Certificate via Burrell Education. 

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