How to get a good night sleep

How to get a good night sleep during stressful times.

Sleep – are you getting enough of it right now?

We are living in somewhat uneasy times right now. News of the Coronavirus is everywhere we look. We are updated daily on the significant global impact the virus is having on the world.

We are seeing human nature at both its best and worst through scenes of communities coming together in Italy when on lock down, and the NHS and all those that work within working their hardest to help those affected.

In contrast we are also being fed images of supermarket shelves empty thanks to panic buying, people fighting over toilet roll and upsetting images of elderly people trying to find their way amongst the chaos. We are being told daily the very sad news that more people are unfortunately losing their lives thanks to the virus. Stress, stress and more stress!!

It’s horrible, people are worried and rightly so. It is perfectly normal to feel anxious and stressed about the situation we all find ourselves in. The problem is that stress especially when on going is not good, thanks to the impact it can have on our health and wellbeing.

Sleep and Stress

I don’t know about you but when I’m worried or anxious sleep does not come easy. I have unfortunately experienced insomnia in the past when I was heading for burnout, so I know first hand what sleep deprivation feels like.

Lack of sleep can cause a number of issues including suppressed immunity, which let’s face is something we want working at it’s optimum right now.

You may already have experienced lack of sleep thanks to worry and stress around the current health crisis. If so firstly know that you are not alone, it’s normal and thankfully there are lots of things we can do to help improve our quality of sleep, even if we can’t control the stresses around us at present.

How do we get a better night sleep during the chaos?

1. Practice regular sleep rhythms by going to bed and waking up around the same time each day

2. Create total quiet and darkness in your bedroom. If this is not possible buy an sleeping mask. I have one and it works a treat! Complete darkness is the best way to encourage Melatonin to do it’s thing

3. If you must drink coffee avoid or significantly reduce that intake after midday as it can really affect your sleep (not in a good way!!!!)

4. The news can trigger stress and worry at the best of times let alone right now, so to help you switch off and relax before bedtime stay well clear of it. It will only feed your worry otherwise.

5. Eat no later than two hours before you go to bed because eating a heavy meal before bedtime will impede your body’s natural overnight detoxification process. Aka you are more likely to get a disturbed night sleep when eating too late

6. Write down your worried thoughts before bedtime so you can free up your mind and drop into a deep and restful sleep. I journal every night without fail and always finish it off with something I am thankful for.

7. Switch off that technology. So this is just an extension on not watching any news leading up to bedtime.  Social media can also be a trigger, so step away from that at least two hours before bed. Regardless of the Coronavirus I have had a rule for sometime now that I don’t look at my phone after 9pm at night.

Give these tips a go, even if you just try a couple and see how you get on. I understand that it might not come easy right now what with everything else going on, but it is so worth getting a good night sleep. Here’s to getting your sleep back on track.

In times like these it is even more vital that we take care of our wellbeing; sleep is a vital part of this.

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