When I reached rock bottom at the end of 2015 I remember thinking to myself; how the hell did I get here and will I ever feel myself again. A combination of perfectionism, being a workaholic, managing a challenging condition like Endometriosis, facing infertility, getting mugged and basically not looking after myself led to me finding myself in a very dark place.

I remember very vividly lying on my sofa on some pretty strong sedative medicine listening to a conversation happening in my kitchen amongst family members. They were just having general chit chat about the lottery and what they would do if they won a large some of money. In that moment even in the haze I remember thinking to myself, I would give up all the money I had just to feel myself again, to get both my physical and mental health back working for me.

At the time I had no idea how I was going to start my journey to wellness again, but slowly but surely I started to make some changes to my life that helped me get to where I am now. I looked at my life and knew there were habits that needed to change, so as I grew in strength

I started to make these changes. Some of these habit changes have stayed with me and I still practice them today to ensure my general wellness stays high. So what are they:

  1. Drink one large glass of water on waking – helps to energise the body after sleeping
  2. Practice 10 minutes of mindfulness every morning
  3. I ensure I get outside and hang out with some trees daily 🙂
  4. Listen to my body and rest when needed – Endometriosis still has a way of reminding me it is there at times
  5. I journal every night before I go to bed, covering both the good and bad about my day and always finishing off with something I’m grateful for
  6. I complete 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily
  7. I’m no longer afraid or embarrassed to reach out for support or help when needed

The biggest lesson I learnt was that without my health what have I got, so self-care is one of my non-negotiables these days. I also now help other women who like me have for whatever reason found themselves completely burnt out and exhausted. Success should never come at the price of our health. Thankfully through identifying whats holding you back and making some positive lifestyle changes it doesn’t need to.

Here’s to putting our health first 🙂

Kelly x