Okay you are just having one of those days, when nothing seems to be going right.

You woke up exhausted

Your train was late

You arrive at work to find another 500 e-mails in your inbox

Your last meeting didn’t go to plan……..

All in all you’ve had better days and can feel tension and stress starting to appear in your shoulders and head, with the latter starting to hurt.

That’s the thing with stress it can show up in so many forms and the body isn’t designed to hold it for prolonged periods of time, so it is important to find ways of releasing it. Fatigue is one very common sign of stress and let’s face it we all want more energy right?

But how can we even get this energy boost without first making space for it in our bodies and minds? Stress likes to clog this up but positively there are many ways we can release stress from our bodies, and I’m going to share a couple of steps I take that work wonders and that you can fit within your busy day.

So what are my 2 easy ways to calm your body and your mind?

STEP 1: Put both your feet firmly on the ground, sit up straight with your shoulders pulled back to open up your chest, close your eyes and take ten full, slow and DEEP breaths in and out… in and out… in and out…

When you open your eyes NOTICE how different your body feels. Do you feel calmer? Clearer? More relaxed?

So moving onto  STEP 2? Don’t worry… it’s just as easy…

Whilst either standing or sitting clench both your fingers and toes for half a second and then release quickly as if you are flicking your toes and fingers away from you,  repeat 10 times.

Great at releasing tension within the body, which can feel tight and stiff after sitting at a desk typing for hours on end or enduring stressful meetings.

How will calming my body and mind give me more energy?

Let me put it this way… water will not flow well through a blocked up pipe. Similarly, your bodies energy is not going to flow well if you’re all tensed up, agitated or on guard.

These steps are designed to help you unblock that pipe so to speak.

Like I said there are a whole host of ways we can release stress from our bodies, but these are just two easy steps that can fit in our busy day.

Go try them and see how you feel 🙂