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I’M Kelly Swaby

The Self-Kindness Coach

Supporting you in feeling like yourself again.  

Is it time you made yourself a priority?

A mood and energy tracker is a great way to identify activities that give you energy Vs those that drain you. You can use this information to support your wellbeing and self-care plan.

I’ve designed a free PDF mood and energy tracker which you can download for free here.

How often do you feel worn out?


How often do you feel off your game and at odds with your body?

Do you feel your wellbeing has taken a back seat whilst you strive for success?

I now want you to imagine life where the opposite is true, where you are able to feel like yourself again.


I appreciate you being here, cause I know you’re busy.  

We’re all busy right!?  

Busy has become the norm – a badge of honour we wear to prove to the world how successful we are. 

I get it – I wore that badge too – until I hit rock bottom back in 2015 in the shape of complete burnout.

Sadly my story is not uncommon, with many of us finding ourselves feeling worn out through trying to balance all of our commitments and leaving no time for ourselves.

Let’s face it our energy reserves will only go so far, so juggling 100 things all the time is not sustainable in the long run.

More and more of us are working against our body’s natural rhythm on a mission to be successful at everything we do. We don’t see ourselves as a priority and in doing so are suffering the consequences leaving us with unpleasant symptoms like exhaustion, PMS, brain fog, digestive issues, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, sleep issues, lack of concentration, stubborn weight gain etc. 

Likewise,  both Peri-menopause and Menopause are times in a woman’s life when a lot of physiological changes are taking place within the body. It’s a critical window for a woman’s health and wellbeing. Therefore, the more you can do to support your body and mind through the transition the better. 


So I’m Kelly The Self-Kindness Coach and I’m incredibly passionate about Women’s Health and Wellness, especially when it comes to Menstrual and Hormonal health.


I specialise in empowering women who feel at odds with their bodies, helping them feel like themselves again. Therefore, if you currently find yourself struggling with your menstrual health or you are going through the Peri-menopause / menopause transition I can help you.



Periods and hormones have always been a somewhat taboo subject, something that has been sold as a hindrance for women rather than something that is an integral part of a woman’s health and wellbeing.

Well, I believe differently and I’m on a mission to remove the belief that there is something wrong with our bodies, that we as women must fix ourselves to be successful.  

You don’t need fixing!

The truth is YOU CAN’T POUR FROM AN EMPTY CUP, so deserve and would benefit immensely from the self-kindness you so freely give to others

Life is not about feeling worn out, stressed and telling yourself that you are just not good enough. Life is not about running yourself down all the time. 

Is it time to be kinder to yourself?



So how can I help you?

As a  Women’s Health and Life Coach, I can support you in learning to be kinder to yourself, to embrace all your strengths and to harness the power that is your body. I will empower you to embrace all that you are, allowing you to feel like yourself again.


Learn to become mindful of the ebb and flow of your mood and energy levels.

Learn and understand how you can tune into your body to improve your energy levels, be creative, promote your mood and plan your month. Becoming mindful of what you body is saying will help you feel less worn out and more like yourself again.

Setting healthy boundaries for yourself.

Stress and overwhelm often come from the belief that we have to be everything to everyone. Leaving very little room for us.

Setting healthy boundaries can not only reduce stress but also allow us to be more present when we are looking after others.

As the saying goes “Put your own oxygen mask on first”!!!!!

How to destress.

Stress happens and unfortunately, there is no avoiding it. Likewise, we don’t always have control over it. Positively however we can control how we respond to it. Ready to be empowered to incorporate some stressless management techniques into your busy life.

Swap unhealthy habits for the healthy variety.

Habits can accumulate over time, some will be good and others not so good. As a coach, I can empower you to promote the habits that make you feel like yourself again.  

Learning to tame the inner critic and celebrate own strengths.

As women we have been programmed to believe that to be successful we must look a certain way, weigh a certain weight, achieve certain milestones e.g. career, marriage, children  etc. It is easy to spend a whole lot of energy comparing our life to others, making us feel inadequate in someway. Like we are just not good enough.

Let me help you put a stop to this, instead we will focus on your own strengths, the things that make you your unique wonderful self. 

How what you eat and how you eat can have a significant impact on mood, and energy levels

Learn how to say no to dieting and hello foods that support your bodies energy needs. Understand that it’s not all about what you eat either that can affect how you feel. How you eat also plays an important role.


What Is Health Coaching?

“Health + Wellness Coaches support individuals who are struggling with lifestyle-related health conditions to empower themselves to manage and improve their own health and wellness.” – UK Health Coach Association

Health coaching is a method of coaching that focuses on the wellbeing of an individual. It looks at the habits, beliefs and behaviours that might be keeping a person feeling the way they do and what might be impeding their health in some way e.g. lack of exercise, stress, nutrition etc.

As a health coach, I support my clients through skilful conversation and providing strategies designed to empower them to improve their own health and wellbeing. 

I specialise in support women who feel worn out feel like themselves again, through the power of self-kindness, harnessing the natural rhythm of their body aka hormones, and improving the relationship they have with themselves. 

Some call us Health Coaches the masters of behaviour and habit change!

What Is Life Coaching?


A Life coach is someone who helps people make positive changes designed to increase happiness in many areas of their lives.

I bring the life coaching model into the way I coach to help my clients focus in on what they really want to overcome, to identify obstacles that may be standing in their way and to strive for what truly matters to them, and what will have the greatest impact to their life.

This may include looking at their career and the impact this is having on them and what this means to them. It may also help a client find their purpose purpose, help them feel more confident about themselves and to embrace self-care as part of their success journey etc. 

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About Me

Hi I’m Kelly, The Self-Kindness Coach specialising in supporting women with their menstrual health and Peri-Menopause / Menopause Transition.

What’s brought me here is a very long battle with my own physical and mental health –  and I’d like to share my story with you… 

I’ve always been driven to succeed.   

In my career, the only way I knew how to achieve that success was to push myself, work hard, never show any weakness, and to never take my foot off the pedal. 

I associated being busy with status and importance – if I was so busy surely that meant I was a success! 

Things seemed to be going well, but just before I turned 30, life threw me a painful curveball in the shape of Endometriosis. 

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If you would like to know more about the coaching services I offer do get in touch.