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I’M Kelly Swaby

Helping you feel like yourself again

Through utilising the power of your menstrual cycle, optimising your hormonal health and embracing


Tune into your cycle

Our menstrual cycle plays an integral role in our wellbeing and health. Let’s learn and utilise its power to help us thrive. Is it time to tune into your own cycle? 

I appreciate you being here, cause I know you’re busy.  

We’re all busy right!?  

Busy has become the norm – a badge of honour we wear to prove to the world how successful we are. 

I get it – I wore that badge too – until I hit rock bottom back in 2015 in the shape of complete burnout.

Sadly my story is not uncommon, with many women finding themselves feeling burnt out through trying to be all to everyone and everything.

Let’s face it our energy reserves will only go so far, so juggling 100 things all the time is not sustainable in the long run.

I’ll be honest with you here and say everyone has their limit, however, modern-day society is good at testing and pushing us past this limit. 

Do you find yourself working against your body’s natural rhythm and cycle on a mission to be successful?

You don’t see yourself as a priority and in doing so are suffering the consequences, leaving you with classic signs of hormonal imbalance like those shown below:

PMS, brain fog, digestive issues, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, sleep issues, lack of concentration, stubborn weight gain etc.  


Periods and hormones have always been a somewhat taboo subject, something that has been turned into a hindrance to women rather than something that is an integral part of a woman’s health and wellbeing.

Well, I believe differently and have experienced the true joy that comes from working with your cycle rather than against it. 

Now I help other women do the same through empowering them to embrace the power of their menstrual cycle and optimise their hormonal health. Leaving them feeling like themselves again.

Life is not about working ourselves into the ground, feeling exhausted and run down all the time. Success should never come at the expense of our health. 


Let me teach you how to optimise and embrace your monthly cycle and hormones , so that you no longer feel burnt out and can get on with thriving. 



What Is Health Coaching?

“Health + Wellness Coaches support individuals who are struggling with lifestyle-related health conditions to empower themselves to manage and improve their own health and wellness.” – UK Health Coach Association

Health coaching is a method of coaching that focuses on the wellbeing of an individual. It looks at the habits, beliefs and behaviours that might be keeping a person feeling the way they do and what might be impeding their health in some way e.g. lack of exercise, stress, nutrition etc.

As a health coach, I support my clients through skilful conversation and providing strategies designed to empower them to improve their own health and wellbeing. 

I specialise in menstrual and hormonal health helping my clients both embrace and optimise, so that they can feel their best self.

Some call us Health Coaches the masters of behaviour and habit change!

What Is Life Coaching?


A Life coach is someone who helps people make positive changes designed to increase happiness in many areas of their lives.

I bring the life coaching model into the way I coach to help my clients focus in on what they really want to overcome, to identify obstacles that may be standing in their way and to strive for what truly matters to them, and what will have the greatest impact to their life.

This may include looking at their career and the impact this is having on them and what this means to them. It may also help a client find their purpose purpose, help them feel more confident about themselves and to embrace self-care as part of their success journey etc. 

So how can I help you?

As a Women’s Health and Life Coach I can help you live well, work well and be well, through showing you how you can utilise the power of your menstrual cycle to your advantage, how to optimise your hormonal health and learn to embrace self-care. Here’s some examples of topics we may cover through my 1:2:1 coaching.

Learn and embrace your inner seasons

Throughout our menstruating years we will experience inner seasons. Learn and understand how you can tune into these seasons to improve your energy levels, be creative, promote your mood and plan your month. Becoming mindful and harnessing the ebb and flow of your menstrual cycle, will help you feel less burnt out and stressed and more in sync with your menstrual cycle powers. 

Set healthy boundaries

Stress and overwhelm often come from the belief that we have to be everything and do everything for everyone else. Leaving very little room for us. 

Setting healthy boundaries can not only reduce stress but also allow us to be more present when we are looking after others.

How to destress

Stress happens and unfortunately, there is no avoiding it. Likewise, we don’t always have control over it. Positively however we can control how we respond to it. So feel empowered to incorporate some stressless management techniques into your busy life.

Swap unhealthy habits for the healthy variety

Habits can accumulate over time, some will be good and others not so good. As a coach, I can empower you to promote the good ones and change the unhealthy versions e.g. filling your diary during your period only to leave you wondering why you’re so exhausted, eating so late at night, eating on the go, too much time of social media etc. into habits that work for you and are sustainable 

Coaching & Online Courses 

1:2:1 Coaching Programme

 Please contact me to discuss your coaching needs.

Online Course 

Due to be launched Feb 2021 – more details available on request 

The Secrets to Hormonal Symphony eBook 

Hormones play an integral role in our health and wellbeing, so it is important we optimise our hormonal health.

Learn what are some of the key symptoms of hormonal imbalances, types of hormonal imbalances prevalent in women and how you can holistically optimise your hormonal health.


About Me

Hi I’m Kelly, a passionate Health and Life coach specialising in helping women feel like themselves again through utilising the power of their menstrual cycle, optimising their hormonal health and empowering them to embrace self-care.  

What’s brought me here is a very long battle with my own physical and mental health –  and I’d like to share my story with you… 

I’ve always been driven to succeed.   

In my career, the only way I knew how to achieve that success was to push myself, work hard, never show any weakness, and to never take my foot off the pedal. 

I associated being busy with status and importance – if I was so busy surely that meant I was a success! 

Things seemed to be going well, but just before I turned 30, life threw me a painful curveball in the shape of Endometriosis. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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